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Another comparable technique of the two poems is the style of language and tone which Sassoon and Owen use to convey their disparaging views on the war.

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They both adopt a sombre yet agrieved, resentful tone using numerous rhetorical questions aimed at drawing the reader in and provoking them to make their own conclusions about the war. The implication from Sassoon is that is a pointless gesture. Straight away this question highlights the inhumanity and indignation involved in war.

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Sassoon and Owen further communicate their contempt for the war and its unforgiving treatment of the soldiers through the use of alliteration. Another important technique that Sassoon and Owen use to convince us of the horrors of war is personification. Describing the guns in this manner gives them a mind of their own almost, which makes them appear more sinister and the soldiers in even less control of their own destiny.

This use of personification by Owen creates terrifying sound images as it suggests the guns have a conscious agenda to harm the soldiers. It also enlightens the reader to the horror and terror the soldiers faced. They also adopt a similar accusing, angry speech-like tone and use a similar style of language by using a rhetorical style to help draw in and connect the reader to their emotions. The predominant themes in both poems are betrayal and contempt for the war which is effective in gaining sympathy for the dead soldiers.

For capitalism, a democratic government allows people to own means of production and use the same in creating wealth. On the other hand, when it comes to socialism, a democratic government allows for the equal distribution of wealth and all the factors related to wealth production. Secondly, both the two political ideologies are subjected to government intervention.

In capitalism, regardless of the fact that the government intervention is limited, it is very vital for the state to come up with some rules and regulations aimed at curbing practices such as exploitation and monopolistic ventures. On the other, the communism system is mainly under the government, and the government is tasked to ensure that all the factors of production are equally distributed.

The first difference between these two political ideologies is the aspect of means of production. In a communist society, the means of production are solely under the custody of the society.

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On the other hand, the resources of means of production are owned by individuals in the capitalist society. Secondly, in the communist society, the society decides on the amount of production and determines the price of the same commodities. In conclusion, it is clear that these two political ideologies have similarities such as they both work well in a democratic government and are all subject to government intervention.

They are also different regarding who owns the means of production, who decides on the level of production and the prices of the commodities.

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This, therefore, means that to have a successful society, it should be a mixed society that supports both communism and capitalism. A comparative analysis essay is an essay that compares two different subjects such as people, texts, events, and theories. The focus of a comparative analysis essay is mainly on identifying the main similarities or differences between the subjects. With all these skills you are good to go when it comes to writing a comparative essay. Keep on reading to expand your knowledge and understand how to write a research paper outline.

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When Wordsworth thinks about the yellow daffodils, he perks up. The flowers are personalization in this poem. Basho is the great Japanese poet, the theoretician of a verse.

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Some literary critics believe that this poem embodies a kind of ineffable mystery, a metaphysical sense, and defies rational explanation. Others believe that it represents the landscape of spring days, and innuendo is a special stylistic device.

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The poet does not speak about silence of the spring day, forcing you to guess, and thus reinforces the impression. The poem symbolizes the picture of the spring day. The full meaning of it will be revealed only when we look through the eyes of the poet himself, understand his feelings and relationship to the world. The poem is a classic example of haiku.

follow link There are two formal elements in this poem. The words are almost all nouns. There is only one verb jump in the end of the second verse: tensions action arises and immediately re-removed, dies. It creates the impression of complete freedom, even improvisation. Haiku tradition demanded that the landscape sketches necessarily indicate the time of the year.

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This once again shows that so-called poetry is always very tentative. These poems can be considered to be similar because of their imagery of nature that is present in both poems.