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If you are thinking about going to back to school for your Ph. Most people who obtain their Ph. People with Ph. This can definitely have a positive impact on society and our economy. On the other hand, people who have earned a Ph.

Someone with a doctoral degree is very well established in a certain field. Once you graduate, you will be available to earn very highly paid positions as an upper level administrator or executive in your field.

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Employers know that you have been taught how to think carefully through tough problems and to solve them. Most people who have earned a Ph. To get through one of these challenging four to six year programs, you will have to have learned how to identify, analyze, articulate and solve very challenging problems. Whatever your field, these skills are very valuable, and many top employers will hold them in great esteem. The people who are in your class and are teaching you will represent many sectors and fields. Virtually all of them are there to provide themselves with professional improvement, or to teach others to improve themselves.

This group of like-minded professionals will turn into a very valuable professional network that you could rely on to provide you with support, and even to help you land new opportunities. For many fields, getting your Ph. The majority of top level executive positions today require you to have a doctoral degree. We understand the management skills it takes to successfully run enterprises as wide-ranging and ever-evolving as healthcare and education.

Two years. We thought long and hard about how to make this program convenient for the modern professional without losing any of the scholarly edge that defines the Doctoral degree. Other programs require a longer time commitment, due in no small part to a dissertation process that has stymied even the best candidates. We came to the conclusion that two years is the perfect amount of time to provide this education. While you still have assignments on a regular basis, you choose precisely when and where to complete them.

In creating the Ed.

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Earning your terminal degree will be a challenge, but we want to make sure that challenge comes from the pedigree of the coursework, not the unreasonable criteria of a dissertation, technological hurdles or the prospect of having to come to campus day in and day out. Be one of the first to take part.

Topics: new programs , online education , graduate programs. This affordable online doctorate teaches its students to skillfully assimilate and apply management theory as well as their own research to business scenarios. As a research-based program, students have the opportunity to seek new insights and solutions to contemporary business problems. With periodic enrollments, this 61 credit program rounds out the knowledge of future business management by requiring a dissertation that makes a genuine contribution to the field of business management and theory.

NW, Suite , Washington, D. With their knowledge of the development of the theory behind management, they will be able to engage in relevant research and team-based leadership that contributes both to the success of their institutions and scholarship in business and management theory. This 60 credit degree program will appeal to practicing management professionals in a number of fields who are looking for a quality, low-cost terminal degree in management. Combining theory and application, this degree program will help managers advance their careers, whether they work in business, nonprofit, education, or military settings.

Graduates will be skilled researchers and problem solvers with expertise in their specific fields. Graduates will possess a global perspective that undergirds a broad, integrative field of vision. Finally, graduates of this program will be able to use in a practical way their knowledge in a broad range of business and managerial settings. Diversity and quality lost-cost business management education set CIU apart from the crowd. Low tuition makes this online doctorate in business management degree attainable, and the range of its specializations make earning a DBA through CIU desirable.

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This 60 credit degree program offers five areas in which business leaders can pursue the most fitting course of study to advance their careers. Founded on the solid foundation of business theory and practice, coupled with affordable tuition and areas of focus designed to suit a wide range of needs, this degree program remains a top choice for cheap, high-quality online DBA education. Because CSU accepts up to 30 transfer credits out of 60 total , for those with prior study, this DBA can be one of the fastest degrees in the field.

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With courses designed to give concrete, practical instruction on real-life business management problems and the opportunity to pursue specialized research and application through a doctoral project. Graduates from this degree program are ready to engage and implement the fruits of their familiarity with relevant research through sound quantitative and scientific methodologies according to proper ethical and legal standards. This degree program is based upon a solid foundation in theory and application with an eye to the global business scene. This 60 credit program includes a dissertation project and is designed to be completed by professionals with fulltime employment in only three years.

They will have a strong understanding of contemporary business practice and concerns in the global economy. This degree will not just provide business strategies from books, but create true business strategists! By providing an online DBA as well as a Ph. The DBA is 60 credits and is designed for business leaders working in the field to help them advance their careers and take on top management positions.

The Ph. It is oriented towards preparing individuals for research positions in more scholarly settings. Either doctoral degree is a low-cost, quality terminal degree that is structured to meet the real needs of its students. Reputation, affordability, diversity, and quality all come together in this doctorate.

Informed by traditionally Christian ethics, this 60 credit program through its strong core curriculum and 11 areas of specialization, stands out as one of very best online DBA degrees available. The degree also accepts up 15 transfer credits, making it both a cheap degree and a fast degree. Through specialized training, graduates will be able to fit the specific needs of employers. With its strong foundation in general business management theory and practice coupled with specialized knowledge, this degree offers a way for graduates to distinguish themselves from the field in the competitive business market.

Westcliff University is committed to providing high-quality, yet affordable degree opportunities to motivated candidates seeking to earn an online DBA. The 60 credit program is designed to allow different degrees of engagement in the program, making it possible for full-time business leaders to pursue a doctorate by taking a few as one course at a time. This degree will prepare students to be effective business leaders by developing their skills in research and appropriate and ethical business and organization structures and strategies.

WIU works hard to see that its DBA students are given the best training and instruction available in addressing complex organizational development and business issues all the while emphasizing the importance of team leadership. Graduates from this online degree will be ready to devise effective responses to business problems that contribute to and advance their organizations with a global outlook.

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This includes both professional experience of the students, but also experience throughout the program the process of evaluating business and management problems and coming up appropriate, effective solutions. Thought informs action in this low-cost online DBA, and graduates from this degree program will be poised to become thoughtful team leaders in top administrative positions. WilmU has designed it online DBA to meet of the needs of business managers and leaders as well as consultants, and business educators.

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In this cohort-based, 54 credit degree, students increase their business knowledge and managerial skills through coursework as well as course interaction and dissertation research. WilmU is committed to creating leaders who bring to their work critical thought, team leadership, and innovative business and organizational problems solving. With a combination of affordable tuition and fewer required credits than many of its competitors, WilmU helps positions business professionals to advance in their current careers or to seek new job opportunities in the broadened horizon provided by earning an online DBA.

Not only will graduates be more well-versed in the field, they will also be trained to be effective communicators in both writing and oral forms. Up to 9 credits can be transferred into this 60 credit degree. Students have the chance to network and interact with practicing business professionals and real-life problems throughout the program.

The program culminates in a research dissertation giving students the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skill set through a genuine contribution to contemporary business management literature. Through their study and application of research, graduates from GCU will be able to understand, anticipate, and respond to dynamic market systems as well as retrieve and employ classic business and management strategies.