Flowchart for writing an essay

Before you embark on any format in your academic essay, be it the five-paragraph or other type, the key to good structure is some smart brainstorming. Rather than just vomiting forth all of your ideas onto a messy piece of paper, begin your brainstorming process with specificity in mind.

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Try to narrow in on a specific idea, motif, passage, or word and brainstorm from there. The more concise your starting point, the more precise your structure!

Essay Writing Process Flowchart ( Flowchart)

You may think crafting a flow chart is a grade school way of writing an essay. Flow charts are helpful at any stage of the writing process; and highly encouraged. Now you can start thinking of ways to challenge the usual, boring five-paragraph essay format. A Conversational Structure is what I call the format that treats your essay like a conversation.


Literally talk through your structure out loud if you can. If you are explaining something complex to a friend, logic, coherence, and clarity are first and foremost. Ask yourself: does this line of reasoning make sense?

Also, in crafting a conversation, you are forced to consider what your friend might say in response: this is where you can include a convincing counterargument. An elegant way of breaking out of the five-paragraph essay is to modify your thesis throughout the essay: begin with one statement and then expand, modify, or add to it in your conclusion. Ending your paragraph with the same thesis statement yet more concisely refined is a great way of showing off your intelligent writing flair!

Extract of sample "Memo and Flowchart"

There is nothing wrong with the five-paragraph essay. But just remember: academic writing can be flexible, as long as it is logical.

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As part of. Internet and mail contact Face-to-face and internet contact Internet and phone contact Phone and face-to-face contact Check Answer Correct Permeable systems are penetrable by phone and face-to-face contact, but they are not necessarily reactive to such contact.

Introduction 1. The objective of Mini-Project was for students to demonstrate their innovative design skills and implement knowledge.

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To date, many of the systems and procedures in place, while affective, are not as streamline or as consistent as they could be. Still others e. The company is capable of meeting such demand where the computed capacity is approximately 30 units daily and units per week. Employees will be compensated based on their designations, duties and qualifications in the company. Monthly rates are as follows; P for the general manager.

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Pearson Education Malaysia Pte. It is used in technical programs. Often these tasks are process oriented. The flow chart illustrates the consequence of deforestation. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features.

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The flow chart shows what typically occurs as a consequence of deforestation. When trees are removed, there are four main immediate effects, which eventually result in flooding, degraded vegetation and a loss of biodiversity. One immediate effect is soil which has been compacted by heavy equipment.