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In this hypothetical circumstance, you are highly regarded by students as an innovative and creative professor, plus you have earned the trust and support of other faculty members in your college. Therefore, your dean has assigned you to head a committee of faculty chairs across the institution. The purpose of the committee is to improve the retention of first-generation students. As a result of your charisma and highly regarded reputation, you are viewed as a leader and somebody who can move people to consensus. You have also had the opportunity to work with several departments and leaders across your school and the broader institution.

For you, acting as a leader, no matter the title, comes naturally. The first couple of months go smoothly, and then you are faced with an impasse: the group is divided on how to manage some allocated grant monies.


You are surprised about the many divisions within the group. As the committee leader, you are fully aware the group needs to reach an amicable decision by the end of the academic year. However, no matter what you try while facilitating the meetings, you quickly realize that every committee member has their own agenda.

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In addition, you have been informed that several committee members do not accept you in a leadership role. They view you as equal to them. You are fully aware that you have no direct authority over any of the committee members. If you are leading without an obvious title, the key issue you must resolve immediately is how to direct people who have no incentive to follow your lead. Such individuals may not be open to receiving direction from you.

They also might avoid your requests or simply respond with an adamant no.

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  • Either way, you must develop another form of authority where committee members will cultivate the necessary trust to follow your leadership and take on tasks that you have requested. What should you do? You should focus on listening, being calm and proposing directions. Then you should:. Acknowledge each person.

    Focus on building trust by deeply listening to each member of the committee as individuals. Normally, building trust is more easily accomplished when people interact frequently over a period of time. But as the committee leader or chair, you might not have the luxury of time to build this type of trust. Instead, you probably have to meet a certain time frame to produce a successful outcome. Therefore, the focus of any discussion might gravitate toward the exact outcome required to reach the goal.

    We also understand that the other individuals have additional responsibilities beyond our request. However, we feel as if our need might be more important and it could help with their own respective responsibilities. If you find yourself in this predicament, I recommend you take the time to sit down with each person individually to better understand their overall agenda and the fears and frustrations they might have. During those individual interactions, you should illustrate transparency and consistency.

    Who wants to go take that quiz? We're going to take a walk and get lunch instead. Let's go! Do you do what you know is right and go to math class, quiz and all? Or do you give in and go with them? As you grow older, you'll be faced with some challenging decisions.

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    Some don't have a clear right or wrong answer — like should you play soccer or field hockey? Other decisions involve serious moral questions, like whether to cut class, try cigarettes , or lie to your parents. Making decisions on your own is hard enough, but when other people get involved and try to pressure you one way or another it can be even harder. People who are your age, like your classmates, are called peers. When they try to influence how you act, to get you to do something, it's called peer pressure. It's something everyone has to deal with — even adults.

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    Let's talk about how to handle it. Peers influence your life, even if you don't realize it, just by spending time with you. You learn from them, and they learn from you. It's only human nature to listen to and learn from other people in your age group. In this experiment two groups of men were given roles to play. One group took on the role of guards and the other took on the role of the prisoner.

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    Even though the experiment was to last two weeks it was stopped after six days due to the guards becoming increasingly abusive and brutal. The prisoners also became passive and also showed signs of being emotionally disturbed. It seems they played the role as they thought a prisoner and guard should act.

    It was also found that there is evidence that people can conform to group pressure. In Solomon Asch experiment on Describe how groups can influence people in positive and negative ways. We as people have many different roles within our life, these roles serve many different purposes. We also we find we belong to different groups in which we play our different roles, this makes up our social identity.

    It is these groups that can have a negative or a positive effect on ourselves.

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    The norms of the group are expected to be adhered to by members, and this can lead to members being expected to conform, non conformity can often lead to role conflict and group pressure to follow the rules, and ultimalty if the overall effect is negative or positive. The experiment was scheduled to last for This essay will look at how being part of a group , or a membership, can influence people in positive and in negative ways. Included will be evidence that will show this from social and cultural perspectives. Being part of a group can give an individual a sense of security, a boost to their self-esteem and a feeling of belonging.

    They may see themselves as being part of an 'in- group '. Being part of a group that is seen as being better than others an 'in- group ' , can create a bond between the members. People of different races or religions, or rival gangs, would be seen as being the 'out- group '. The sense of security and bonding with the other members can come from having people around you that are working with you, and knowing that you have somebody looking out for you if and when things go wrong.

    Having people depending on you in a leadership role can give boost an individual's self esteem. There are many negatives that can come with being part of a group also. Peer pressure and the feeling of having to conform in ways in which may seem inappropriate, could cause members to go along with decisions and behaviour made, so that they fit in even though they know the outcomes won't possibly be the best ones