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Ayn Rand is a defender of reason, and thus an opponent of religion and its embrace of faith. Throughout the essays in this book, both Rand and her associate Leonard Peikoff analyze this gulf from a variety of perspectives.

Objectivism and the State: An Open Letter to Ayn Rand |

I do not dispute that. But their religion is not the solution to our problem; it is the problem.

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  • Rand touches on these and many other aspects throughout the book, contrasting her philosophy to religion on an array of topics, including sex, abortion, art and ethics. Rand argues that we are radically mistaken about the nature of altruism. Rand often observes that altruism is accepted without argument.

    Ayn Rand Philosophy: Who Needs It Audiobook Full

    Throughout this collection and indeed across all of her works, Rand often credits Aristotle as her one great philosophic debt. The conflict of Aristotle versus Plato is the conflict of reason versus mysticism.

    The Voice of Reason: Essays in Objectivist Thought

    It was Aristotle who laid the foundation for most of the answers. What was Ayn Rand really like?

    Objectivist Epistemology and Ayn Rand Paper

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    source url Rand first expressed Objectivism jury duty essay in her fiction, most notably The. In many ways I like Christopher essay of definition beauty Hitchens, so I was a little surprised when he said the following in regards to pass match essay Ayn Rand and Objectivism.